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This is the bike that you have been seeing featured in Super Streetbike Magazine. It holds 20 National land speed records with the top speed of 178 mph. This is a certified speed and not a speedometer over estimate.

It makes 134 hp on VP MR9 and has TONS of extras. I will try to list as many as I can remember but am sure I am forgetting a lot. The engine alone is a $4900 expense. And we have a total of about $7500 in aftermarket parts on top of the bike cost.

KWS motorsports built the engine and it has
Forged JE pistons for 636cc
Web billet cams.
750 intake valve springs.
APE adjustable cam sprockets.
Full head port by KWS.
Secondary butterflies removed
PAIR valve removed.
Compression is 12.9-1
Bored and plated By Millenium Technologies
Brock Clutch Cushion
Exotic Cycle Billet swingarm extensions.
Hot bodies Undertail
Schnitz Racing mirror covers.
Brock Lowering links for the rear.
Lees Performance front brackets and strap for lowering the front.
Full Brock Hindle Street Smart Exhaust
Carbon can -SS header.
Dynojet Powercommander PCIII USB
Dynojet Quick Shifter
Galfer steel braided brake lines front and rear
Galfer Brake pads front and rear.
EK 520 chain and lots of sprockets front/rear
As well as stock chain and several sprockets
Puig windscreen
Hotbodies Undertail.
Second look custom seat skins
Harris Grips
Pirelli tires front and rear.
chnitz Racing billet kickstand (adjustable)
APE manual cam chain tensioner
Custom polished heel guards
Custom full length polished aluminum chain guard

This is a 2004 model with LOW miles. Under 800. It was built by me and ridden by me and has been well maintained and built with the very best stuff available because it was purpose built as a showcase magazine bike.

It is THE fastest 600 record holder in the world today. And only has about 50 total miles since the engine was rebuilt.

Email me directly for questions as I dont always see the posts on the boards.

With all the extra parts including all stock parts like windscreen, chain, fender, blinkers etc included. You can make it look stock if you want to. And it is in mint condition. No nicks, dings etc.

Asking $9650

[email protected]


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I'll take one of those girls delievered to my house...let me know and I'll send you my house address.... :D
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