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2004 ZX10R For Sale Custom

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Hey guys I'm back with hopefully the intentions of getting the sale this time. Had a bunch of guys interested but no one showing up with the money. I am listing this again because I NEED to sell it, I have school loans that need to be paid. I just got back from over seas, and the rents aren't to happy about my bills....I just sold the Z06 now I have to move this bike and the 2004 Raptor 660.

Ok so let me start this list over as to what the bike has just a hair over 5K on it. It has front flush mounts, a custom undertail from Canada, high mount slip on Micron pipe, K&N filter, and it is lowered 4 inches all the way around. I had a custom set of dog bones made for it, that are stamped ZX10R. I have also added which aren't in the pics a new DID gold chain, and I went one tooth down on the front and two up on the back. I have put alot of time money and effort into this bike. It has never been layed down, nor are there any scratches, dings, or dents on this bike at all. This bike will also come with a brand new Joe Rocket jacket, size 46, and a matching helmet size M, the helmet has some scratches on it. The jacket alone was 500.00. I am firm at 8,500.00 for the bike. I WILL deliver or meet people half way. This bike needs to go! For more info call me at 301-788-8447. Or email me at [email protected]. The bike is located in Frederick, MD 21702. Thanks Kevin
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Thanks hopefully someone will be interested! :cheers:
Ok just like the 4-wheeler this has to go.....any takers for 8K? 301-788-8447. Thanks Kevin
I just hit 5,800.....sorry I tried not to ride it I really did.......but it's finally been nice out me know if anyones interested! Thanks Kevin
Yes it will come with everything to put it back to stock with the exception of the stock pipe, I just sold that on EBAY. Thanks Kevin
It is cut, but I do have a stock one, so I could raise it back up and lower it whenever I wanted to.....thanks Kevin
Dang and I thought I had a possible sale........... :willy:
Hey sorry I missed your call I was out working, I called you back but that was before I read this post. Yes the bike is still for sale. Just give me a call again on that number or give me a good time that I can call you. Thanks Kevin :cheers:
Right on, I think I have a possible buyer now, I just need to snap off some more pix and email them to him. He's also might be interested in the 4-wheeler, so that would be pretty bad if he bought both of them!!! Hopefully atleast one will sell!!!
Thanks Gas Man, I haven't been on in awhile, I do still have it but CTS Vette 550 did show some interest, but I don't know if hes going to actually buy it or shes still for sale along with the raptor. Thanks Kevin
1 - 10 of 31 Posts
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