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2005 Buell XB9S CityX

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I've got one.. and I love it. It's a great bike so far, I've had it since September. The only things I would want to change are the 3.5 gallon gas tank (which is not possible to change), and the handlebar setup (which I am working on). And possibly change out the clear air box cover (fake tank).. but that really isn't so bad.
Other than that, it is a blast to ride. Gobs of low end torque, with the penalty of not so hot top end. But that's ok for me.. I would rather have the low end grunt.
And by the way.. Hello.. I'm new to the forum.
Hey.. Thanks for the Welcom Captain.
I think if I had it to do all over again, I probably would have opted for the XB12r. But I am happy with the 9.
I haven't riden a 12, but I hear that there is a LOT more torque. What is strange to me is that the 9 has a higher top end.
Maybe one day I will send my muffler off to Drummer and get it re-worked. I have heard a lot of good things about what Drummer does to the buell muffler. And it isn't too bad being priced around $350.
ScottSellersUNR said:
ive seen the more close up pics of the tank.. i like the clear tank plastic.....

But to justify a 900CC bike at least give it the power of a 900CC Twin from the big four...the SV1000 seems like a MUCH better big twin, even over the 1200 buell...But i actually am growing fond of the Buells looks... and its a good reason to not take a passenger as you cant really do it safely on the CityX
Yeah, the buell definately does not get the advantage of higher rpms like the SV's do. I believe they have a lot longer stroke in the buell engine.
The looks are what really got me on the Buell, and the short wheelbase. IIRC it's only 51 inches. Nice for the tight twisties.
Thanks Brupska,
I now belong to a riding group here in town. All of which are MUCH better riders than I. ( I feel sorry for them when I come out of a stretch of twisties and they are all waiting in me... helmets off, hanging around.)
I haven't checked for any other groups since here in Huntsville I seem to be one of about 3 Buell owners (the other two work at the local harley shop).
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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