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2005 Buell XB9S CityX

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Welcome Rat, I am the capt. brother. I had a 9S for about 9 months and traded it in on the 12R. The 9 has a higher rev limiter because of being a smaller engine. The 984 cc engine can go higher in the rev range because of piston speed is not as high and it will live. Now with the 1203 cc engine in the XB12's the are limited in the rev range because of the piston speed being to high above 6800 rpm. That is the factory's thinking from what I understand. I have talked to my dealers race mechanic and they have a 1340 cc race engine that is reving to 7500 rpm. It lasted all season last year with out any failure. He told me if it is built right it will live. He also said they had about 5000 race miles on that engine. As for me I am hooked on the Buells. I like any kind of sportbike. But I like the nice broad torque curve on a Buell. There are no suprises in mid corner because the torque curve is smooth throughout the rev range. Have you tried to find any user groups on yahoo? belong to one for XB owners in yahoo.
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Hey Rat, Here are some links to a XB group on Yahoo. also go to and click on the XB board. You will find all of the info you need at those two sites. There are some nice Buell minded people on there also. brupska
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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