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Need4Speed750 said:
Thanks, I'll keep in mind..I'll let the other half know about it too...traveling isnt a big deal..a buddy of mine just went out to indiana to pick up Gixxer 750 he bought off ebay.

She's about the same height as my wife, so something that size would definately do her well :thumbs:

Long rides or drives are not a problem for me. When I went out there to get the bike, it was 10 hrs there that I did straight through. I worked all day and left work around 9pm and drove all the way there and only stoped for gas and a snack. I was wanting to get there and get the bike quickly. :) On the way back it took me about 12 hrs and only pulled off the road due to it being 4am and I think the truckers on the road should pull off at that time and sleep since they were all over the road and made it hard to pass when the keep coming over into more then half of my lane. Anyways, I got it back safe and now riding it as much as possable. :D
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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