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It is the reference point for sporty bikes and now the Rsv 1000 gets ready to spend yet another year at the head of its class. Everything has been developed, tested, and improved to enrich the presentation of the unreachable bike without renouncing the complete drivability for which it is known.
With the help of finite technology, the new version is recently improved and every detail has been carefully smartened up and given a new, even more aggressive and unmistakable look. It is lower, more compact, and aggressive, presenting interesting new components and design upgrades, all waiting to be discovered by you!
For those who prefer the R version or the exclusive R Factory, here is all of the news that you can’t afford to miss!

Above all is the new braking system now equipped with back radial callipers for the Brembo and Oro series, also seen on the Rsv 1000R like the R Factory version. This system is the newest heir of a sophisticated solution that Aprilia introduced to the world of racing. The results are an increased effectiveness and precision of braking in response to the pilot’s commands. This almost completely averts stretches of road driven in vain caused by the elasticity of the callipers seeing how radial clamping impedes all movement of the pincher itself. Even more, the radial pincher guarantees a longer life for the break pads of your Rsv as with radial camping the break pads are able to align better with the disk because the callipers are rigorously held in the place even during extreme stress. This elongates the life of the break pads due to the better alignment it affords them, allowing them to exploit the same surface simultaneously. Also increased is the stability of the system with minor differences in performance in cold or hot conditions.

Also innovative are the details of the new injection mapping, capable of better regulating the entire potency of the V60 Magnesium bike.
Not to forget the attractive and incisive modifications of the design which also brought about an increase in the aerodynamic performance with an exceptional cx of only 0.3.
Research into the sleekness of our lines and insight into better penetration into the air has brought about the elimination of the traditional front directionals which have been incorporated into backwards seeing mirrors while the ones in the back have been integrated into the tail of the bike. The front optical group is divided with four headlights, which always work in tandem.
And yet again, the design of the seat is new with a backseat cover and, upon request, a cover for the posterior mini-seat.

Moving onto the colors, tempting are the new colours of Black Aprilia, Fluorescent Red, and Silver Mirror all enriched by a significant novelty; the before unpublished profile of a lion’s head depicted onto the hull synthesizing the link of Aprilia with her territory while evoking it’s indomitable character, sense of group, and athletic grit.

And now, below, the technical chart of the Rsv 1000 2005, in both the R and R Factory versions.
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