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2006 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

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Well the show is going around. Check for the dates closest to you, here.

Here's some good info on it, here.

But if you can't make it or just don't go check out some of my 170+ pics in the TWF gallery HERE!

I try to take the time to shot the pics and upload them for all of you to view. Just check em out!

Link/insert your favorites pics!!​
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a friend of mine headed up there a couple days ago or so the the detroit show. Im lookin forward to the pics he takes !
Ok, again for those mentally challenged (chris) ..

I have this friend, who rides motorcycles, u know those things on 2 wheels that go vrooooommm ? Well he was heading up last weekend to a show in or near detroit to see more of those new fangled vroom thingies on 2 wheels :lol:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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