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A friend just did all the research for it goes:
2006 R1 LE- $18,000
2006 R1 50TH ANN- $11,599
2006 R1 RAVEN - $11,399
2006 R1 BLUE - $11,299
2006 R6 50TH ANN- $9,499
2006 R6 RAVEN- $9,299
2006 R6 BLUE - $9,199
2006 R6S RAVEN- $8,299
2006 R6S BLUE - $8,199

the 06 S is equal to the 03-04

the reg 06 has 2k more to redline and a slipper clutch

Also the 2006 R6 has twin fuel injectors per cylinder to allow for the added rpms, its also the first sportbike to have a fly-by-wire throttle system

That's all I've gotten from him for now. Today is the release date straight from check it out!

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The R6 also has a built in lap timer and a quick detach license plate holder for track days. The only thing I think they need to add is a gear indicator. I might have to get use to the front end looks though. I can't wait til someone I know buys one. I want to bring it up to 17.5 rpms.
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