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2006 R1 video made at the Dragon

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:drool: Ahhhh this video is sweet!!!:drool:
"Dragon Unleashed"
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jeeps84 said:
There is some serious editing going on with that vid.:dthumb: I would love to know how they got some of the angles. A boom or something? :scratch:

It also looked like some of it was shot on the Skyway.
:iagree: That was a seriously AWESOME vid. And I was wondering the same thing... camera boom? Second bike? What... :scratch:

And I just love those R1's!!!
jeeps84 said:
It had to be a boom. It was way to smooth to be a second bike. You never see the top of the tail on those odd angles. They took the time to remove all camera mounts from the forks, tank and tail to get all those deferent angles too.
Yeah I know...its some serouis Hollywood type vid!
jeeps84 said:
Midd week is always the best time to ride the Gap any way.:2cents:
Yep... screw the gets too busy!
A good day with little traffic and great editing... its possible...
tC Driver said:
:drool: I felt like I was watching a video game:dthumb: great vid+rider
Hey hows the Scion?
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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