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2006 R1 video made at the Dragon

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:drool: Ahhhh this video is sweet!!!:drool:
"Dragon Unleashed"
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jeeps84 said:
There is some serious editing going on with that vid.:dthumb: I would love to know how they got some of the angles. A boom or something? :scratch:

It also looked like some of it was shot on the Skyway.
there must have been someone following him to get those angles from the rear like that. I never saw a mount for a boom on the bike, but even at that he would have hit a long boom in the twisties.
Some of that vid had to be on the skyway because he was rollin to quick and pullin wheelies...that's not going to happen on the dragon.
Gas Man said:
:iagree: That was a seriously AWESOME vid. And I was wondering the same thing... camera boom? Second bike? What... :scratch:

And I just love those R1's!!!
I am a bit suprised they didn't use the new LE or even the yellow R1 for the video.

oh and I'm sure I will be posting up a lot of R1 stuff now! :D
jeeps84 said:
There are a few spots to power up but, only a couple to do so for that long.
ahh I remember quite well, and that vid just gave me the freakin dragon fever!
ne1469 said:
right click then save target

Man...I remember when the R1 first came out..I was in in the AF then and one of my buds traded in his 900cbrr for the R1....the R1 was and still is one of the sweetes looking sport bikes made.
I have wanted an R1 forever and I've just always said I can't afford it, or the insurance...well here I am now a few years later getting one this weekend.:willy:

Too bad I couldnt wait to get the 07 R1 like I planned on 2 years ago, but the price on that thing will just be :crazy:
jeeps84 said:
We are waiting on a decent 50+ day to go our selves.:tt:
That's what I was thinking.
I think I am going to wait for later in the year for a few dragon trips this year because of the spring time and the rain I don't want to make a few wasted trips again this year if all its going to do is rain while I'm there.
I do have the annual FZ1 ride out at the gap in may I think tho. :damn: maybe I will be going atleast one early time this year.

And yeah that vid has some serious work put into it.:dthumb:
jeeps84 said:
That's the great thing about living here. I don't have to plan it. I just go when the notion strikes.:D
yeah yeah yeah you lucky bastard! :lol:
just don't unload your bike this year and have the TVA or sherriff pull the :wbs: flag out on ya.
ne1469 said:
Congrats on getting the R1 :cheers::dthumb: I cant wait till a few years, a few advanced riding classes ( if I dont get rained out :lol: ) & thousands of miles from now to when I can upgrade to a new higher cc sport bike like an R1.
i don't have the bike just yet, I am hoping to go pick it up saturday morning. Hopefully all my funds will be wired first thing in the morning, so I know I will be checking the acct balance all day! :lol:
jeeps84 said:
It was State Patrol on one of their harass the Gap days. There were supposed to be 15 cars and bikes writing tickets. They left around 2pm and every thing went back to normal.
yeah but you were so pissed off that day and decided to stay on the NC side right?
jeeps84 said:
Yep! No fun with all the cops.:nonod: I did make a return later that evening.:D
sweet!:dthumb: i am making a trip for a whole week down there sometime this year. Those little speed weekend runs don't last long enough. A few speed runs down and back, and one good long week should do me good this year.
jeeps84 said:
Midd week is always the best time to ride the Gap any way.:2cents:
oh yeah, all the weekend cage traffic and so many people on the dragon sucks. I have to pass so many people which gets to be annoying and a PITA.

jeeps84 said:
Just let me know when you come down and I will meet you. Might come back this way for some more cool roads.
definatly will do! There are so many roads I still havn't explored yet in the area.
Hey, i never posted in this thread. i think it's cuz it forced me to go riding when i saw it the first time. So they closed DEALS to film that huh? People must've been pissed. i didn't see any cars coming.
I don't know if they closed the road, or if they just edited the vid so much they took the cars out. There's not really anyway reasonable to re-route traffic down there.
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