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2'nd gear clunk???

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I have an 05' ZZR600 and when I shift into 2'nd gear it clunks real hard,if I short shift quickly or drive like I'm racing a 1/4 mile it's fine,nice and quiet,but if I shift like normal easy goin driving(even at those same rpm's),it clunks hard.I never noticed this before,my bikes were older and shifted like that in all gears,for the most part.I dunno,guess it's one of those get somthing brand new and you notice every thing!?anyone have this same problem? any modifications help??
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Bandit 6S said:
Are you putting some up pressure on the shifter before you shift? I had the same problem on my bike and found that a little up pressure, very little clutch, and just a slight dip in throttle smoothed things out in every gear. Also, the shifting on my Bandit is alot smoother since switching to synthetic oil(not trying to open a can of worms, just an observation) :cheers:
:iagree: This is the best approach I know of.
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