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2WT/S3 Kart2Kart series info - Detroit

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Our annual S3 Winter Karting Series schedule has been set for this year.

***new info - if there are at least 8 entries, we will have a separate 200lb+ class***

When: The following Wednesdays, 7-9pm (be there at 7pm sharp!)
Dec 8
Jan 5
Jan 19
Feb 2
Feb 16
Mar 2
Mar 16
Mar 30

Location: Kart2Kart, near SW corner of 19 Mile Rd and Van ****. (586) 997-8800.

Cost: $41 includes everything you need to race - helmet, neck collar, etc.

Format: TWO 8-10 minute qualifying sessions, ONE 8-10 minute race. Races are broken up into groups based on best lap in qualifying.

Anyone is welcome, bring a friend! In past years we have had 40+ racers per event, consisting of experienced pros through rookies - both male and female. With our format, you are sure to have someone to race with no matter how fast or slow you are.

Points: Points will be awarded NASCAR style (the only system that awards points far enough down the list). There are 8 race dates - your points total will include your best 6. This allows you to miss up to 2 events without being penalized by work, spouse, kids, and/or other pesky commitments. You do not need to run for the points if you don't want to - just show up and have fun when your schedule permits.

Awards: The final event will feature an awards ceremony along with pizza/pop for all participants. Awards for the top 5 will consist of trophies and other prizes courtesy of S3 partners/sponsors/advertisers. This year we have some really cool stuff.

Driving Courtesy: For the most part everyone is well behaved on-track. While this is a "fun" series, we do strongly discourage rough driving, putting people in the wall, and the bump pass. If you're going to try a pass, make it CLEAN.
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Jan 5 I could be there. Tonight is NFG - I have way too much going on. Let's try on plan on a future date and get a good WOS turnout aiight?
2WheelTuner said:
Jan 5th it is! We had 54 racers last night....tough competition. There were 12 entries in the 200+ "FB" class as well. Great turnout and close racing.
Awesome. I look forward to Jan 5 then. Windy, Twisty, Chev, Tinman, Ace, Dyno?????? You in or do I have to come over there and kick your feeble little arses..
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