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4Sale 2000 HONDA CBR F4 5K Miles in MD SHE'S GOT TO GO!!!

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2000 HONDA CBR F4 Only 5K miles

Hey guys I have another bike for sale.

This time its a 2000 Honda CBR F4 with only 5200 miles.

This is a very clean Bike.It has been down by the previous owner and a few very minor scuffs and a small dent from his knee on the tank.There was no crease in the dent and no rust or chipping.Other than that this thing is Immaculant.

I live in Cecil county MD.Bike is ready to ride and WILL pass MD Inspection.

Asking $4200 OBO

I have planty of Pics

My Email Is [email protected] Email with any questions or send me your number and Ill give you a ring

Thanks for looking


More Pics Bike/

added pic to your post; jeeps84
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You shouldn't have any problem selling it, its tax season.:luck:
honda_f3cbr said:
I am really surprised with the lack of interest.I thought it was a pretty fair price especially with it being tax season.Ive got it listed everywhere and have had like 2 questions.
Am I asking to much????

I don't know where you live, but bikes really don't start selling round here till march. it seems like the start of warmer weather gets the fence sitters to finally buy. just try to be calm it will sell
honda_f3cbr said:
!!!!!!!!!111 sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much did you get for it?
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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