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4Sale 2000 HONDA CBR F4 5K Miles in MD SHE'S GOT TO GO!!!

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2000 HONDA CBR F4 Only 5K miles

Hey guys I have another bike for sale.

This time its a 2000 Honda CBR F4 with only 5200 miles.

This is a very clean Bike.It has been down by the previous owner and a few very minor scuffs and a small dent from his knee on the tank.There was no crease in the dent and no rust or chipping.Other than that this thing is Immaculant.

I live in Cecil county MD.Bike is ready to ride and WILL pass MD Inspection.

Asking $4200 OBO

I have planty of Pics

My Email Is [email protected] Email with any questions or send me your number and Ill give you a ring

Thanks for looking


More Pics Bike/

added pic to your post; jeeps84
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:dthumb: :luck:
jeeps84 said:
Got'a give time for tax returns to come in also.:tt:
yuh...well some people like me owe taxes this year:cursin: :cursin:
honda_f3cbr said:
!!!!!!!!!111 sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: sweet! now tell me you still have an xtra bike sitting around to ride right???
honda_f3cbr said:
I got $3700.00. Thought that was a fair price with the ding in the tank and a few cosmetics
Picking up my new bike this week:dthumb:
what are you going to pick out, or will there be a new thread for that?
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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