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50th Anniversary R1

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We just got our first R1 in the anniversary color scheme and it looks absolutely awesome in person. That is all.

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larryg said:
That's the LE, which we won't be getting, but it looks similar. I'll have to see what I can do about pics...I've been a little busy lately.

I thought the "Limited Edition" and the "50th anniversary edition" was the same bike???
JK_DILLA said:
the noticealbe difference between the LE and the SE are the things that say OHLINS on them. :drool:
OH, OK... I spoke with a salesman at the local shop here and he led me to believe the only YELLOW bikes would be the 50th ANN. which were the limited edition bikes- and only available with the R1. So i guess he had it wrong-? If i understand correctly there will be an available R1 in yellow that is not the LE...? The LE offering OHLINS shocks as one major upgrade.
Thanks, that helps. The extra 8 grand just helped me to grasp reality. :cursin: (why did I have to be born poor white trash!) lol
1 - 3 of 59 Posts
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