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50th Anniversary R1

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We just got our first R1 in the anniversary color scheme and it looks absolutely awesome in person. That is all.

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Captain Morgan said:
Do we have pics?
Yeah no crap Larry! :wtf: gives... drop that crap on us without anything else! That is just crewl!!! :nopicsbs:
Stop letting/helping Larry cheat!! :D
Heck even some camera phone pics would ROCK!
jeeps84 said:
Doesn't it have more power also? (like it needs any more) :drool:
:withstupi NO DOUBT!!!!
Ya the more info on this the better!!!
That is way SWEET!!! :drool:
1BadCBR said:
That's a understatement! With pics like that I may put the R1 at the top of my list for the Most Sexiest Sportbike out!!!
What? :scratch:
Well I sat on 2 of the 50th Anniversary R1's yesterday at the Cycle World show... I will post pics once I get them uploaded to the gallery!
JK_DILLA said:
speaking of... i submitted some from the Houston show a month ago and they never showed. Am i that ugly they werent approved....:cry:
Not sure about a month ago.... just try to put them back up!
In person pics! DROOL!!!!! they do excist and here's one!! It was so AWESOME in person! So I bought both of them right off the floor!!! J/K!!! But they were that sweet looking!!

I think HANDS DOWN this bike has the SEXIEST lines out right now! At least in the main stream! :drool: :bonk: :dthumb: :willy: :here: :drool:
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:welcome: and make sure to get those pics for us! Even though I did sit on one myself!!! :dthumb: :D
Yeah...XJ... you are going to have to do somin else.... a directory listing to your "I" drive isn't going to work....
1 - 13 of 59 Posts
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