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50th Anniversary R1

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We just got our first R1 in the anniversary color scheme and it looks absolutely awesome in person. That is all.

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I thought the "Limited Edition" and the "50th anniversary edition" was the same bike???
the noticealbe difference between the LE and the SE are the things that say OHLINS on them. :drool:
the salesmen at the dealers are sometimes foggy about the things they sell. I once had to do some convincing that the Kawi 650R was not a four. Anywhoo...The 50th Anny paint (SE) comes on the R1 and R6. The LE is an SE with OHLINS suspension, light weight rims, and "tweaks".
speaking of... i submitted some from the Houston show a month ago and they never showed. Am i that ugly they werent approved....:cry:
1 - 3 of 59 Posts
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