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600cc bike prices for 05. suzuki is cheapest?

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how cant this be? was suzuki the cheapest of the 600s last year? the new honda 600rr is 8800 , the ninja 6rr is 8700 and the suzuki 6 is 8200. What it always this way? And i can also get my hands on an 04 suzuki 600 for 7200 bucks. hmmmm... do the left overs always sell for a grand cheaper?
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Don't know about the prices about last years bikes and how they compare to each other. But the prices of the left over bikes are left up to the dealers sales manager. He can lower the price by $500 or a grand or more if he wants to just to get it out of the store. He has his new line in and wants to get out as many older bikes as possible to have room for the newer ones.

You can always just look up there websites and look at last years numbers to compare if you want or wait till someone posts them on here for you.
i have been comparing and it looks like the bikes went from 100 to 400 dollars more to the expensive side :(
Yeah, its up to the dealer to decide how much money you think he's going to lose :rolleyes:
Price also depends on competition. Here in Denver, it's cut throat. The local dealers are now pushing dirt bikes and ATV's for hunting season, but there are great deals on street bikes. Many have zero down and very low interest. In today's paper I see a silver/black 2004 CBR 1000 RR, (MSRP of $10,999) for $8795. Yamaha has $1500 off MSRP plus free merchandise. Just have to look around.
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