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79 GS 550 on ebay

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jeeps84 said:
Is it your bike?
yep too many projects gotta sell some off
jeeps84 said:
let me rephrase the question.
Is the bike now or was it registered to you. Its not hard to get a title if you had one before.
I purchase this bike from an auction I still have the bill of sale from the auction.
jeeps84 said:
Is it from a salvage yard to where you can get it registered for a new title.
No its not from a salvage yard it was from a private auction with a notarized bill of sale you need to go in front of a DJ to request a title. I done it once b4 its not that bad, I hope to get 100 out of it just need the room.
Gas Man said:
So it does run and work well enough?

:luck: with the sale!
Its gooing to need some work, but I did have it running for a lil.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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