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8-Foot Gator Takes Swim In Family's Pool

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I guess this is one of the reasons it is called Memorial Day???

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - An alligator turned a dip in the pool into a memorable Memorial Day experience for one Pembroke Pines family Monday. When Kim Deitke reached for the garden hose Monday morning, she saw the 8-foot alligator sitting on the lawn about two feet away.

"I screamed. My husband said, 'Get in the house.' The entire neighborhood came over," Deitke said.

Home video cameras rolled as the uninvited guest made its way for the family pool. Neighbors came running to see the gator.

"I just came over here and there's an alligator in (the) back yard. Everyone is outside. It was just a Memorial Day to remember," neighbor Ricky Love said.

Pembroke Pines police and an off-duty wildlife control officer made quick work of snaring, pinning and securing the alligator.

"Luckily, we have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and thank goodness everybody is safe," homeowner Bryan Deitke said. After her close encounter with the creature, Kim Deitke said she's ready for a swim.

"As long as he just enjoyed a day in my pool, now I would like to enjoy a little time in there because it's hot," Kim Deitke said.

The alligator has been taken to a holding facility where it will be kept for about 24 hours, until officials determine whether to put it to sleep or return it to its natural habitat, NBC 6's Ed O'Dell reported.
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This is going to happen as long as we continue to expand our cities and push the wildlife out of THEIR homes!
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