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So I recently purchased an 89 yamaha radian. At first it had trouble going into neutral, but once I changed the oil it was fine. Everything was running ok. The clutch was probably wearing down, but still felt like it had a good amount of life left.

So the other night, I let a friend ride my bike. He never rode before, but drives stick. I explained everything to him. The bike was off but the power was on. He then tries to go into first. He asks why isn't it going into first, pushing on the shift lever a couple more times. I noticed he wasn't clutching in and I was like oh ****, your not clutched in. Then after that he tries to go into second, but it wont let him, as it gets stuck in neutral. At this point, I was like oh ****. I turn on the bike ride around a little and its able to shift. I stupidly continue to let him ride. It goes ok and he almost drops it as he comes to a stop but my other friend helped him in time.

Now after this incident, my bike has been acting weird. So when the bike is stopped and i try to shift to 2nd + it won't let me and stays stuck in neutral. However, when I push the bike forward or backward, I am able to continue shifting up. Fucking Lame.

Also, now, when I come to a stop in a a higher gear, it wont let me shift all the way to first. I can maybe shift it three gears down, and then I will be forced to push the bike back or forward to continue shifting to first.

When the bike is in motion, there is no problem shifting gears when the clutch is pulled in.

And now, on two different riding sessions with three incidents, my bike will be unresponsive when i pull on the throttle and struggle to go forward. Once it even stalled out. However, after getting the bike to start up again it was ok. This might be a separate gas problem, but I never really had this issue before so i blame my friend.

Im just wondering what the problem would be. If I swap out the clutch will it be ok? or is this the root of a bigger problem. Help me out, I barely had this bike for two months and will be really sad if i have to rebuild the transmission already. Thanks for any help :cursin:
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