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97 Monster for sale in NJ

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Has 21k all service done, Penske rear shock, Termi cans, jetted carbs, open airbox, billet bar clamp, clutch cover, footpegs, c/f flyscreen, sprocket cover, extra toooth on s rsprocket, modded rear plate bracket,sargent seatCRG mirrors, no dents dings etc., Yellow color, Fast, great handling, beautiful bike. Asking $4500. Will try to attach pics or can e-mail them. My avatar seems to be all I can post for now,Thanks to R1upon 1 go to ducati site and they are attached to his post
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I WANT IT!!! :(

Unfortunately, I won't be graduating until winter, and until then I will have to make due with my $7 / hour part time job!!! I would love to buy that bike from you.

If you help me find some financing options that wont be like 50% after 6 months, maybe I can grab it from you..... or I can take out one more student loan to add to my heap of bills, and use that.......... damn... I'm going to keep this in mind, I think that bike it beautiful!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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