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ref: this thread

I took my 2.5 gallon gas can up to the gas station and filled it up. I brought it back and dumped the whole thing in my tank, which filled it to the top. I have a few ounces left.

With a full tank (and enough stabilizer for that much gas already in the tank), I tried to start it up again.

The battery is still a little weak, but fully choked it and got it started after a couple tries... good sign. It sputtered like last time but the engine then started to speed up... better sign. I let it run that way for about 10 seconds then slowly backed off the choke and it didn't die like last time.. great sign.

I let it idle for about a minute, then gave it some gas to see if it would die, and it did not. I then let it idle for about 20 minutes and occasionally revved the engine. When the rain stops, I'll take it out on the road and top off the tank again.

Lesson learned, fuel stabilizer is not a fuel replacement. FILL YOUR TANK and RTFM, er, RTFS (sticker); as in sticker on the back of the bottle. :lol:

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Good deal!! I would still suggest you put a inline filter in the fuel line just to play it safe. It would be a easy mod for the winter!!

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Glad to hear it worked out.

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