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a few pics from Indiana!

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hay these are just a couple pics of my friend here in Indy... i will post more when i get a lil bit more time..!!! :whistle: <333 megs oh by the way.. these are the best ones.. i have some really good ones.. !!!
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u gonna learn to stunt as well ?


hell ya, i am not scared of anything, i can already to wheelies on a quad.. and i have pulled it up 1 time on a bike.. i am gettin braver by the day
Nice pics. Rock on.
No more pics yet? Or have your buds not been riding much lately?
What happened to gsxrgirly? Is she still around? Am I the only chick left? :here: :here: :here:
Yeah, and you're only here HALF the time!
Gas Man said:
Yeah, and you're only here HALF the time!

No doubt, what happened to all of the women?
i talked to megan on AIM about a week ago, she dropped me an email as well, letting me know she's still alive and kickin..apparently working alot of hours these days, and not much time to do much else. I threatened to flog her though if she didnt stop by and say Hi soon... :wink:

Havent seen violet around in awhile either...but atleast we still got bikesr4girls, and the other usual chick riders.

***just sent out an email to violet as well, teling her to get her arse back in here soon.
They must of got sick of me going on and on about CJD!!! :D
where r all da chicks shan!?!?!?!?!!??!!!!
hay whats up..??? SOrry i havent been around in awhile... i have been busy... but i cant wait till it gets warm.. seems like it isnt coming fast enough.. but anyways.. hit me up.. AOL: Flipflopgirl750... Yahoo: Meganmc_03... i am still single fellas lol... later.. :pat:
sweet pics :dthumb:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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