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a Slight Delay in SV Pay Off!!

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Well A slight delay in the SV payoff was caused by my dumb actions over the weekend.
I was in Maryland over the weekend at a friends house when we were heading out early in the morning to get some work done. I was backing out of his yard onto the driveway at an angle which there was a monsterous boat behind me that my buddy is fixing the fiberglass and floor on a customers boat.
I knew I was clear of the boat which I was looking over my right shoulder as I am backing up. Next thing I know I smashed into something! :cursin: I had no clue :wtf: I hit! I am scared to look! Well I get out and see the boat :scratch: ok I am clear of it.... :damn: I hit the trailor up by the hitch :cursin: and this is no little light duty boat trailor this thing is thick heavy duty!
We pulled the bumper out a little just enough for me to be able to put the tail gate down. Then I took the pics...but you can see how far the bumper went in and torqued.
I was going to work on getting the apperence project going on the truck next year, but not this soon...well looks like I have already started. First thing Monday morning I ordered a roll pan by Xenon.
I am going to get the dent out of the bed, then eventually I will get the side skirt kit which will cover that dent in the will be fixed but just the point being there will be some body filler right there.
I always hated that factory bumper :lol:
I'll have to post more pics once I get the roll pan installed. Then the side skirts, then the front airdam..I need to decide which kit I want to go many options....
Here's the pics of the first accident of my truck..Enjoy...

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serves you right for owning a chevy :crazy:
SVupON1 said:
:bash: It's a [email protected] good truck and I've had no problems with it. Yet its only a 2004 and I've put 24,600 miles on it so far. We'll see how it holds up. My firebird has 240,000 miles all original engine and it runs like a tank..again no problems at all.
:yaewn: :bonk:
SVupON1 said:
I just got the insurance quotes on the Yami's
2003 R1 = $741.00 a year.
2004 R6 = $500.00 a year.

What should I do?
call dairy land and get a quote. my sv is only 560 a year and im 19
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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