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a Slight Delay in SV Pay Off!!

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Well A slight delay in the SV payoff was caused by my dumb actions over the weekend.
I was in Maryland over the weekend at a friends house when we were heading out early in the morning to get some work done. I was backing out of his yard onto the driveway at an angle which there was a monsterous boat behind me that my buddy is fixing the fiberglass and floor on a customers boat.
I knew I was clear of the boat which I was looking over my right shoulder as I am backing up. Next thing I know I smashed into something! :cursin: I had no clue :wtf: I hit! I am scared to look! Well I get out and see the boat :scratch: ok I am clear of it.... :damn: I hit the trailor up by the hitch :cursin: and this is no little light duty boat trailor this thing is thick heavy duty!
We pulled the bumper out a little just enough for me to be able to put the tail gate down. Then I took the pics...but you can see how far the bumper went in and torqued.
I was going to work on getting the apperence project going on the truck next year, but not this soon...well looks like I have already started. First thing Monday morning I ordered a roll pan by Xenon.
I am going to get the dent out of the bed, then eventually I will get the side skirt kit which will cover that dent in the will be fixed but just the point being there will be some body filler right there.
I always hated that factory bumper :lol:
I'll have to post more pics once I get the roll pan installed. Then the side skirts, then the front airdam..I need to decide which kit I want to go many options....
Here's the pics of the first accident of my truck..Enjoy...

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Why don't you park it at the cinema multiplex, go see a movie and then call in insurance company when you come out and find your truck hit... :wink:
gtowntt said:
You knew it was coming Bird. You've wrecked every vehicle you had.
1. ran parents van into lake
2. wrecked the saturn
3. wrecked the honda trying to drag race
4. wrecked the jeep into the four wheeler
5. wrecked the four wheeler (broke arm i know you remember)
6. wrecked the bike
7. didn't you hit the post at the gas pump in the VW?
Sorry man I had to do it. :whistle:

You know, my Grandpa told me about people like you...he always said, "if you can't say something nice about someone...come sit by me!" :dthumb:

I think we need more elaboration here...I know this van into the lake story just wants to come out!!!
you might want to invest in an eye exam, and a good pair of glasses... :lol:
SVupON1 said:
I can be a bit hard on vehicles. :lol: I always get them fixed tho.

Yeah... :lol: We can see how the SV got fixed... :rofl3: You sure you're not a coal miner?? I haven't met a coal miner yet that couldn't break a bowling ball... :wink:
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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