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a Slight Delay in SV Pay Off!!

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Well A slight delay in the SV payoff was caused by my dumb actions over the weekend.
I was in Maryland over the weekend at a friends house when we were heading out early in the morning to get some work done. I was backing out of his yard onto the driveway at an angle which there was a monsterous boat behind me that my buddy is fixing the fiberglass and floor on a customers boat.
I knew I was clear of the boat which I was looking over my right shoulder as I am backing up. Next thing I know I smashed into something! :cursin: I had no clue :wtf: I hit! I am scared to look! Well I get out and see the boat :scratch: ok I am clear of it.... :damn: I hit the trailor up by the hitch :cursin: and this is no little light duty boat trailor this thing is thick heavy duty!
We pulled the bumper out a little just enough for me to be able to put the tail gate down. Then I took the pics...but you can see how far the bumper went in and torqued.
I was going to work on getting the apperence project going on the truck next year, but not this soon...well looks like I have already started. First thing Monday morning I ordered a roll pan by Xenon.
I am going to get the dent out of the bed, then eventually I will get the side skirt kit which will cover that dent in the will be fixed but just the point being there will be some body filler right there.
I always hated that factory bumper :lol:
I'll have to post more pics once I get the roll pan installed. Then the side skirts, then the front airdam..I need to decide which kit I want to go many options....
Here's the pics of the first accident of my truck..Enjoy...

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It's just a new truck and I can't stand to drive it like this. I already ordered the roll pan, so that should be here Wednesday. I guess it's really not holding me back too bad for paying off the bike. The roll pan was only $139.00 and shipping was $29.00. So $170.00 really isn't too bad. I already have the yellow paint and I'm sure my buddy will fix the dent and paint it for free. He's always took care of me before, and I've always took care of his electronic stuff...swaping trades works out well.
Oh well I get my firebird up here tomorrow so I will start driving that for a while once again.
SperosSV650 said:
serves you right for owning a chevy :crazy:
:bash: It's a [email protected] good truck and I've had no problems with it. Yet its only a 2004 and I've put 24,600 miles on it so far. We'll see how it holds up. My firebird has 240,000 miles all original engine and it runs like a tank..again no problems at all.
gtowntt said:
You knew it was coming Bird. You've wrecked every vehicle you had.
1. ran parents van into lake
2. wrecked the saturn
3. wrecked the honda trying to drag race
4. wrecked the jeep into the four wheeler
5. wrecked the four wheeler (broke arm i know you remember)
6. wrecked the bike
7. didn't you hit the post at the gas pump in the VW?
Sorry man I had to do it. :whistle:
:lol: there is more spooge!
8. The firebird...snow on the rear window, couldn't see, BAM into another car at full force.
9.The grand am- rear ended a guy at a stop light. (he double stopped)
10. The blazer- rear ended a lady at a stop light (she double stopped)
11. The SV, I rear ended Chris' Harley at a stop sign (he double stopped)
Gas Man said:
That's a ruff list there SV!
I can be a bit hard on vehicles. :lol: I always get them fixed tho.
Earlzach said:
That sux about the truck. I would not want mine banged up either, But it would be harder for me to make a bike payment on a bike I cant ride. Your in quite a pickle. :scratch:

Good luck with both though.
I stopped at my credit union over the weekend with $750 cash in hand to throw down on the SV loan. I owe $619.00 more on it...this is just killing me! I can do it right now, but I didn't want to drain my checking account too low just incase something happens on the 8 1/2 hour drive home.
I have some money orders comming in, and some electronic transfers still in process. + I have a guy buying the forks and rotors this week cash in hand. I just checked my email and another guy said the front wheel is a sure sale. Which means the only thing I have left is the Gauges and Frame! The bike will be paid off this week! :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
That's awesome that you will finally get it paid off even with this junk giong on!
I just finalized the last major sale thru an email today. The guy buying the forks decided to get the front wheel and front rotors also. I am driving 45 minutes to meet him once I get off work at 3:30...$300 cash in hand.
Gauges, passenger pegs, and frame is all thats left. The loan will be paid this week...this is such a relief! :dthumb:
Earlzach said:
Way to go!!!/ You should get right back into debt though and get your next bike dont wait. :dthumb:
I am paying off the SV this week, and maybe my laptop loan, I only owe $200 on that, so I will just clear those right now while I have the chance. Then I will save up some cash for a downpayment on the new bike. That means I will be right back in debt when I buy the R6 in December or jan/feb next year..I will shop and find the right deal before I buy. The truck is the only thing I will have debt on for right now which I won't be getting out from that 17k for a long time.
I thought right before I left the office all I need to sell is the gauges..I check my email one more time, and a guy said he'd buy my he paypal'd me the money. Making $550.00 off parts in one day is just so awesome!

I just got back from meeting the guy who bought my forks, front wheel, and front rotors. He gave me cash in hand. He asked me what kind of bike I was looking for and I told him an 04 R6...he said what about a R1..and I asked what year..he said he has a silver 2003 R1 with 2,000 miles on it..he doesn't have time to ride that one..he races his SV too much. I asked him what he'd sell it for he said he's been asking $7,000, he said he'd sell it to me for $6500.00.
Now this is just killing me!!! 2,000 miles! never dropped, wrecked...always garaged! I told him I'm affraid to know the insurance payment, and he said it's not pretty. I have another year before I turn 25, so this is the only thing I am concerned about.
I just got the insurance quotes on the Yami's
2003 R1 = $741.00 a year.
2004 R6 = $500.00 a year.

What should I do?
SperosSV650 said:
call dairy land and get a quote. my sv is only 560 a year and im 19
My SV was $441.00 a year, last year it was $385, and the year before that it was $320.00 They kept raising the premium every year because of all the claims. $500 a year for the R6 doesn't seem all that bad. My friends with this type of bike are paying $900-1200 a year...this doesn't seem all that bad to me.
marko138 said:
That doesn't sound like a bad rate to me. I was expecting a couple grrrr. Is this guy local here in Harrisburg, SV?

And seems like parting out a bike is a better idea than selling it whole?
The guy is a racer, and he lives up near Pocanos (sp?) raceway. We met 1/2 way at the big Cabela's on the mountain near Allentown. So not too bad.

Parting out the bike is a way better idea then selling as a whole, however you need to have a bike that is in demand, other wise you will never sell your parts.
I just got in my new Xenon roll pan for the truck. This one is really clean and it's like plastic made kinda like a rubbermaid container material. :lol: My last body kit I ordered for my 96 accord was complete trash..fiberglass...This one is a quality product. Next year I will be investing in the side skirts and front airdam after I choose which style I want to go with.
Here's some pics.

Front View

Side View

Rear View
I'll post more pics once I get it all painted and installed on the truck!
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Earlzach said:
Here is a good place for that roll pan/

:lol: J/kiddin it should look good.
Those were the big Chevy Trucks in that link...mines a little sporty model.
:dthumb: thanks Earlzach :dthumb: :scratch: I wonder if I can get it put on this weekend!
jeeps84 said:
We don't care about no stinking truck parts. :wink: :lol: :lol: :whore:
Well...I started the thread with some I need to keep with the updates and progress..there will be more to come once it's all installed. :lol:
I got the fixing process started. I had my buddy pull as much of the dent out of the bed side this weekend. The bumper I could care less since I got the new roll pan in. We didn't have time to paint the roll pan this weekend, but I did get a chance to see if it fit. It does and looks really good.

Here are some pics of the dent he worked on. He also got the body line straightend out really well. The rest will be body filler and paint work.

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Gas Man said:
Don't look that bad... who's doing the body work and painting?
My friend in Maryland is doing all the painting and body work. He is just so busy right now with his boat work. We will get to it sometime.
I just need to make sure it's before snow comes..because then he opens up his snow removal business with his big truck with a plow, salt spreader and dump bed on it. he's just always so [email protected] busy! + he still works on boats over the winter to.
I guess the man's gotta do what he's gotta do...he's got 3 kids, a wife and a he's got twins on the that will be 5 kids! He's a busy mofo...and he won't let his wife work.
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