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a tip for gt4

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i just entered the 1000 mile series races in the european events and the first race is only 25 laps, but it's on that one track that tacks at least 12 minutes for a lap. if you race it as a-spec it kind of sucks after a while. when i went to pit i found out that you can change to b-spec(it's like a coaching mode). all you have to do is pick how aggresive you want the computer to drive your car, and you have to chose when he's gonna pit. i'm actually on lap five right now and i'm gonna go riding for a while and hopefully he'll be done by then. i'm glad they put that in the game. laters.
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Has anyone beat the last 10 race championship race in professional??? What car did you use? and where did you get it from, hp etc...

I havde tried all my best cars and cant beat them, they go to long without pitting....Thanks
thx for the tip... im going to have to race that nurburgring track now... cuz the only thing i have thats close to those cars is the escudo..and that bitch cant turn!
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