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r6dirtydave said:
Anyone know if it can be done, specifically, for an 04 R6? I know, I know..., "just buy a PC." Probably will, but I figured if I could adjust fuel/air mix with the stock one, maybe somehow through the display (like when you do self diagnostics), then I could tinker.

I've heard that some bikes, don't know which ones or even if they're sportbikes, allow this, as well as some cars.

Just looking for some thoughts....

Well I know I don't know that answer. Larryg will have a good answer for you on this. Just have to wait till he logs in and gives you his advise. How tech smart are you about bikes though??? Tinkering can be ok but if your not sure what to tinker with and what to leave alone you could do more trouble then good. Just my :2cents:
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