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Address To The Nation 9/15/05

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I am sitting here watching Bush address the nation....He is full of it here...All he's talking about is the future.. we will, I propose, I assure...etc
WTF.. Rebuilding Louisiana, and the gulf coast is not going to happen for a VERY long time, and he's acting like its going to happen right away! This is just a complete :wbs: news special report!!!
All Bush is doing is telling the nation what they WANT to hear, not whats goingn to actually happen here.
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Well said JK. me...I'm in NO position to agree OR disagree. Mainly because I DON'T vote. And the reason why I DON'T vote, is because I HATE politics. And there are certain things I agree and disagree with for ALL parties. So if that makes me a bad person for not voting, oh well get over it, because it's the I am and always be. And if you EVER notice...I don't get into political threads...BUT I figured I'd jump in and give my :2cents:. Not only that but it gives me one extra post. :lol: :dthumb:
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