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Address To The Nation 9/15/05

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I am sitting here watching Bush address the nation....He is full of it here...All he's talking about is the future.. we will, I propose, I assure...etc
WTF.. Rebuilding Louisiana, and the gulf coast is not going to happen for a VERY long time, and he's acting like its going to happen right away! This is just a complete :wbs: news special report!!!
All Bush is doing is telling the nation what they WANT to hear, not whats goingn to actually happen here.
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i HATE politics

Every special press confrence or perpared speech is pure rhetoric. hes just making a showing while trying not to feed the Democrats any more fodder. I will say, that if things start to look like they are improving in any way, the dems are going to lose big. They will look like a bunch of whiny brats. If things dont noticably improve they will look like the smart ones. Theres alot riding (politically) on how this disaster plays out. But thats something else...
jetskifast said:
Whats new :scratch: Bush has been feeding BS to American public since he got in office :dthumb:
Americans are going to wake up some day, realize how bad Bush has screwed them :disapp:
name a prez in our life time that hasnt....
jetskifast said:
King George will go down as the worst :2cents:
Guy has destroyed country with his huge spending, Iraq war, Oil company buddies, incompant appointments, get ready for some shocking supreme court rulings next few years :crazy:
blaming the prez is too easy for me. I cant bring myself to heap blame for spending money when government "pork barrel spending" is at an all time high. These are the people you and i elect to represent us and they are spending hundreds of billions on pet projects that benefit few. So everybody is spending our tax dollars not just bush, only he is the most visable. Want to put a dent in the national debt... cut out "pork" for a year.

The supreme court will only get more conservative if bush has his way. the democrats wont be happy with any appointment of his unless the ACLU is allowed on the bench.
CharlieMavCBR said:
Well said JK. me...I'm in NO position to agree OR disagree. Mainly because I DON'T vote. And the reason why I DON'T vote, is because I HATE politics. And there are certain things I agree and disagree with for ALL parties. So if that makes me a bad person for not voting, oh well get over it, because it's the I am and always be. And if you EVER notice...I don't get into political threads...BUT I figured I'd jump in and give my :2cents:. Not only that but it gives me one extra post. :lol: :dthumb:
i understand. I absolutely hate politics too. Thats probably why i try to pay some attention to it. You are right on about the parties. No one party can speak 100% for the intrests of a person. People afilliated within said party dont even agree. When people labes themselves a dem or rep, i think theyre selling themselves short.
i like this thread. i think its going very well indeed.
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