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Advice Needed for Engine Performance!!!

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Ok I have a K2 600 I have a Micron slip on and thats pretty much it as far as peformance goes. I want to gain a lil top end speed but also maintain my acceleration. I am interested in buying a PCIII, i need more info on how it will affect my bike and also I am looking into changing my sprockets but im not sure what type of setup I want. Also I am aware that a full exhaust will help out alot but I cant really afford that at this time. So if someone could possibly just leave me like a messenger id and a time when they could discuss a few things with me that would be great. I have aim and msn. I need advice asap.
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The PCIII wont help much with out the full system. If you change sprockets to smaller front and larger rear you can get better acceleration and visa versa for top speed. Just remember that one sacrifices the other.
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