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Amber headlight??

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Has anyone ever used amber bulbs for your headlights??? I am thinking of changing one of my headlight bulbs to amber - My 99 SRAD has two bulbs that are always on. Maybe it may make a little difference in brightness plus I am sure people driving will take more notice if one of the bulbs are amber. I have the HID look bulbs right now and they have made a big difference, I just would like to give a little amber into the mix. I found Matrix amber headlight bulbs and PIAA also makes them - they are about the same price also. :scratch: :readng:
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Fire&IronGixxer said:
Not really, but I have the two bulbs that are always on. If I get pulled over I can just tell the cop that one of the bulbs is my headlight and the other is a fog light. It is like having amber fog lights on your car and driving with them on along with your headlights. Plus, cops usually leave me and my buddies alone because we have the firefighter Union stickers on the bikes.... :cheers:

You aren't telling us you get special treatment from the local constabulary when it comes to traffic laws are you...??? :wink:

Snakemann has a badge and he would give my mom a ticket...He hasn't given me one because he can't catch me... :rofl: :rofl3: :neen:
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