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Animal deterrant when riding?

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I know there is both sides of the fence on this. But you know those little clip/stick on high pitched deer deterrants that you can stick on the front of the bumper of your car, and its supposed to makes a loug, high-pitched whistle or squeal, that will deter away deer from running out in the road?

I saw a harley this morning with these on, of course they were chromed out and all along with the rest of his bike :rolleyes: ...but anywho, I actually asked him about them, and his response was, I've been riding for 25 years now, alot of back roads as well as highways, and never hit a deer yet and have always had them.

he makes a good point, but do you think they actually work that well, or he just got lucky.

Personally an aware / skilled rider is just as much as important in avoiding accidents with animals as putting the little whistles on. Obviously there are exceptions, like when an animal runs out in front you like at the last second and you cant react to avoid it..but hence comes the point he made about never hitting one yet. ?
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MotoTiller said:
Ah yes deer whistlers, the great deer attractor. Every car I've ever put them on struck a deer, coincidence-I Think Not!! :bash:

Stop putting them on your cars. :D :smash:
I'm with DJ on this one...after the first time it happened, it's nobody but your own fault for having those POSes on your ride....
Hit two

ive hit two in my toyota truck... one at 75mph... made quite a mess of the deer... and bout 5,400$ to the truck.... other one i almost got stopped.. hit it doing bout 10... just pushed it over and rolled right over it with the drivers side tires.... dont know if it lived or not... but id guess no. I went bout 300 feet and stopped... not even a scratch... that was nice. The one at 70 was already going into shock by time i could stop...she didnt live. i had to clean her headcheese off my light that her head went through do you have the deterrant or you just hit some deer and wanted to post about it?? :D
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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