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Another Newbee From Spokane, WA

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Hi guys, im a newbee :readng: here and i just got a 05' ZX-6R from Ohio.....anyway i just wanted to meet all of you!......i won't have the bike for another 3 week's(have to go down and get it),Well it's good to be here!!! I live in Colbert, that's north of spokane!!!! What do guys think on this as being my first bike? Handling, performance, comfort? And please put some advice on what definetly not do do or try doing.......Well thanks!!!
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snadamo Quote: must DO's
1. Take MSF Course (This is the BEST money you will ever spend on motorcycling)
2. Buy helmet, jacket and gloves (and any other gear you can think of)
3. Never ride outside your capabilities
4. Practice the fundamentals (youll learn this in MSF if not already taken)
5. Have fun!
Welcome fellow Kawi owner. You have one awesome first bike so done turn the heat on tooooooo quick. :dthumb:
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