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Another SV ?, pipes

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I am looking for a good pipe with more of a better sound and not so much worried as a big gain in performance. What are the best pipes for a good sport bike sound?

I know yoshi's are good, but is there anything else that is just unique?
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Who makes a good jet kit to go with this? I know that is probably a must for upgrading the pipe.
Is it as important to jet kit the bike if it is FI as opposed to a carb one? I am showing my super noobiness now.
jeeps84 said:
Not really with a slip-on but the bike will reap the benefits more with it.
My problem is I wasn't expecting the jet kit to be close to as much as the exhaust. So I would be alright with a slip on til I get a jet kit and not harm the bike too much from running it leaner with it?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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