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Another SV ?, pipes

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I am looking for a good pipe with more of a better sound and not so much worried as a big gain in performance. What are the best pipes for a good sport bike sound?

I know yoshi's are good, but is there anything else that is just unique?
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ART slip on click
I know it sounds good to.

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VolEngineer said:
Who makes a good jet kit to go with this? I know that is probably a must for upgrading the pipe.
VolEngineer said:
Is it as important to jet kit the bike if it is FI as opposed to a carb one? I am showing my super noobiness now.
Not really with a slip-on but the bike will reap the benefits more with it.
You might be surprised to learn how many bikes are running around with slip-ons only.
The fuel mixture doesn't get real important till you go with a full system. :2cents:
Most any mechanic will tell you, you do need it for any air (in or out) modification. If money is the thing and a slip on is the way. I wouldn't worry about it.
Gas Man said:
You would be surprised how much gain is made by a jetkit and just a slip on... especially on the newer bikes... of coarse with the newer bikes and FI the possibilities are endless.
Yep, It just takes the right fuel map and hang on.
Bandit 6S said:
I have a Holeshot pipe on my Bandit and I really like it. Sounds mellow until you rip on it. They have pipes for the SV and there is some soundclips/video on the site to check out. Worth a look. When I ordered my pipe and jet kit, I talked to the guy(Dale Walker) that designs and builds the stuff. :cheers:
Here is a link if anybody is interested. CLICK
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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