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Any KBC wearers???

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Just ordered a KBC Racer-1 Comet helmet-anyone have any opinions ???
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nope :sorry:
jeeps84 said:
:iagree: Ill never buy another helmet with out a removable/washable liner/padding.
:iagree: I picked up a new helmet last weekend and its got a removable hypo allegenic liner.
jeeps84 said:
Full Face? :scratch:
Different thread...
Of coarse we inviented these cool little foam things that you can shove in your ears.... what are they called again.... they will correct the noise problem in any helmet.... :damn: what are they called....

Oh yeah... ear plugs!!

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Yeah I know but I really enjoy them when riding... as I stated in the ear plug thread we had going...
Yeah maybe... plus many different brands fit differently. Some fit a round head better than a tall oval head... and vise versa!
twisty said:
M2R Helmets. Same testing and the rest for 1/4th the price...
Pimpin the sponsor!! :dthumb: :D
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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