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Any WA riders around here?

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Just curious to find out if there are any TWF'ers in the PacNW that want to try and meet up when the rain leaves again.

Currently in the Renton/Seattle area but I could probably have my arm twisted into dropping down as far as Portland when the weather clears... :)

I just wanna get out and ride!

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Shhhh, don't tell anyone but it doesn't rain as much here as we try to get people to think.... :wink: Come on up and we'll show ya ;) :hug:
Hey, welcome to the site Lo! I will have to hit ya up for that soon. I love comin' up to the island! :D One of my best friends lives down on the S end.

What'cha ridin'?
96LoLyfe said:
thanx, glad to be here. riding a 2002 honda F4i, second bike and just having fun, what about you???
'05 SVS, first bike, doing the same :)

Jetski, PM me when it gets closer. Maybe we can do a quick ride around the area or something...long as you wait on the other side for me to catch up :p
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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