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Anybody else tired of seeing Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving

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WTF why do Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving day? Detroit has not had a winning team in 40 years :lol: Time to put some good NFL games on for Thanksgiving :cheers:
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Well, that's what I'm sayin!! I heard something about it last year but the NFL and Detroit squashed the idea! It is a great tradition!!
41 to 19.....Colts win!! :wtf: Damn why can't they do any better than that? Just something more respectable!!! :wtf:
Right on!! That is a perfect explanation to today's game!!
Yeah Yeah Yeah Jetski....I bitchin to me doesn't help! You'd be better off going and tuning up your BMW or somin, cause I don't care enough...
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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