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Anybody else tired of seeing Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving

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WTF why do Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving day? Detroit has not had a winning team in 40 years :lol: Time to put some good NFL games on for Thanksgiving :cheers:
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detroit and dallas will always play on thanksgiving..its tradition, and the NFL is huge on keeping its tradition going year in and year out..

but they do suck, no doubt..manning and co. made them look like high school kids..
thanksgiving and football go together like twisties and wos.....can't have one without the other..

hey, that was pretty good! i mad that up off the top of my head.. :D
CharlieMavCBR said:
What do you want??? A cookie?!?!? LMAO :here:

nah, im too full from turkey..just ur undying gratitude will be fine.. :D
i dont mind seeing detroit play on turkey day..but damn, I hate the cowturds as it is, and seeing them get all the prime time glory every holiday like that is just :puke:
the colts are all kinds of beastly this year..but their defense may just be their downfall in the playoffs,..its good, but not that good. poor lions didnt stand a chance with manning,harrison, james & co rollin into town..
and that dallas/bears game.. i havent seen to more inept offenses in a long time..they couldnt seem to get out of their own way half the time.. punt, punt,punt, turnover, punt punt punt. WTF!!!
he's actually considering coming outta break emmit smiths rushing record..but he wont come back to the lions though, if it happens...

that man had more moves than a slinky!!!! whether or not he'd actually do it, i think would largely depend on if the lions would give up thier rights to we'll see..
CharlieMavCBR said:
Well Damn. That would certainly be interesting. Just to see if if could break that record. But with him coming out of retirement, that's not always a good thing. But each player is different.

just like emmit smith should have stayed in retirement...left his awesome legacy and memories with his years in dallas..hasnt done jack shiet since going to arizona.
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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