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anyone done rear brakes...

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im doing them tom on my sv650. any loop holes i need to know about???

here are some pics of what i did today...

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Earlzach said:
I would certainly move the one jack stand from under the foot peg. That aluminum bracket barely holds a person. :2cents:
it works just fine. its the only place i can put the jack.
Earlzach said:
What do you want to know about your brakes.
If it is just pad replacement, just take the pads off use a c-clamp to push the pistons back into the caliper and put new pads on. Reasemble the rear end and press the brake peddel. If you never lost fliud you wont need fluid. There also is no need to bleed if you do it this way. You see if you have a good hydralic system with no leeks. as your pads wear your fluid goes down but when you replace your pads to get them over the disk you need to push the pistons back for clearence and the fuild goes back up into the res, So no need to bleed. It is simple to do.
haha.. sorry i forgot to mention that the reason i took the rear off was im getting a new tire on. :dthumb: oh and the drags are next fri.
Gas Man said:
Bee don't be so harsh... :lol: It isn't that bad. I have seen WAY worse... but it does look like the swing arm could use a little brake clean and a rag...

And yes, you need one of these!
and yes i will clean it today. btw what is that tool for??? ive got a chain cover that covers the whole top of the chain
Earlzach said:
The tool Is a chain line up tool to ensure a straight chain..
oh. well i dont have 22 bux to spend on that. i spent all my money on that damn tire
Gas Man said:
Seriously read that thread. It is a good tool for really cheap. I STRONGLY suggest it!!
ok thanks
Gas Man said:
Here's what happens if you don't get it aligned correctly.

damn. so what should i do to make sure that its perfect
is this pin supposed to go behind the brake pad(like it is now) or does it need to go in front

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Gas Man said:
Buy that tool or try the string method that I'm not even going to begin to try to explain. That pic of the vortext sprocket is what happens when you combine a poorly installed chain and a bad rear tire alignment! Teeth are GONE!

$22 is cheap for a tool that is as usefull as it is!!!

I would say definately put it behind... in front would put it against the rotors! NOT GOOD!
ok i leave it like that :dthumb:
just finish putting it all beck together. so far i love the pilot road. when i wear it in its goin to be awesome :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
So what's up with your chain? Does it have a removable master link?
yes. and you know what. i bent it trying to put it back in. :bonk: so now i need to get just that part on mon
Gas Man said:
Yeah those aren't any good either... I hate them. Don't mess aronud with non-suffiecient parts on your chain. The chain will come off at a very bad time and cause TONS of damage... take my word for it.

Lessons learned the hard way can really benifit the ignorant.
i will keep that in mind
jeeps84 said:
So why did you remove the chain? :scratch:
read up. i took off the tire to get it replaced
jeeps84 said:
You don't have to remove the chain to remove the wheel.
haha. yes you do. well you dont have to remove it but you have to unhook it. the reason i took it off was i cleaned it with gas to get all the shiat off
Gas Man said:
I think what Jeeps is saying is that you don't HAVE to remove it. It may have made the job easier for your POV but the need wasn't there. Plus you have to understand that most of use the replaceable links and no the removable master links. That is because they the replaceable ones are more reliable and stronger. With those you can't remove the chain w/o cutting it.
thats the one that just came with the bike. i was thinking about doing that for my next chain. but read my last post and you will see why i took it off
SVupON1 said:
WOW!!! That's alot of work ya did there! I wasted a brand new chain when I tore the SV apart. I just put a brand new chain on my SV when I went to the GAP earlier this year and I couldn't get the chain off, so I took a REALLY BIG chain and bolt cutter from work and cut it off. That chain was SO hard to break.

Oh and SperosSV650...I have a Suzuki SV650 service manual I'll sell you cheap. This is an actual suzuki manual and it helps SO much. I was able to tear my engine apart and put it back together..that's how well the manual helps.
whats cheap. and do you have the plastic cover that goes over the small front sprocket
do you have new sprockets and a chain
Gas Man said:
Great deal there...
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