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anyone done rear brakes...

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im doing them tom on my sv650. any loop holes i need to know about???

here are some pics of what i did today...

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You did all of that for Brakes? :yikes:
I would certainly move the one jack stand from under the foot peg. That aluminum bracket barely holds a person. :2cents:
What do you want to know about your brakes.
If it is just pad replacement, just take the pads off use a c-clamp to push the pistons back into the caliper and put new pads on. Reasemble the rear end and press the brake peddel. If you never lost fliud you wont need fluid. There also is no need to bleed if you do it this way. You see if you have a good hydralic system with no leeks. as your pads wear your fluid goes down but when you replace your pads to get them over the disk you need to push the pistons back for clearence and the fuild goes back up into the res, So no need to bleed. It is simple to do.
No problem and good luck. If they fell spungy I would bleed them but if you do what I said you should not have to. :cheers:
The tool Is a chain line up tool to ensure a straight chain..
1 - 5 of 47 Posts
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