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Anyone got this gear indicator?

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Anyone got this? If so have you ever had problems with it?
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Just wondering if anyone had problems with the thing making there bike act screwy.
That's what I figured. I read in the manual that the indicator just reads the speed and the rpm to figure what gear you are in. Ok thanks.
Funny I posted this same question on another site and all I got was "AAAAHHHH you shouldn't be riding if you need one of those" or "If you can't tell what gear your in by the sound of the bike then you should stop tracking the bike". Funny this was the same site that guys said the side stand switch was bad on my bike. Then when the shop said it was fine they didn't believe me and said that I never brought the bike to a shop. LMAO hence the signature.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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