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Anyone got this gear indicator?

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Anyone got this? If so have you ever had problems with it?
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First moved the thread to mods/aftermarket section.

Second, yes I had one... very nice and very easy to hook up and use!

Do you have any other specific questions?
Nope cause it doesn't have anything to do with it... it just runs a display off a ignition power, speedo input and RPM input off the dash. Has nothing to do with your bike problem...
Yep that is why you have to teach it how to think...
moomba said:
I've used one on a friend's track bike and will be getting one for myself soon. It just makes it a lot easier not having to double-guess yourself as to what gear you're in coming into a corner at the track.
Exactly... it is a great tool and once you have one you don't want to go with out it!
Well that is why :twfrox: and the others SUCK!
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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