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Anyone in Chicago ?

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Anyone in Chicago ?
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nope Im not from chicago, but I like the bulls, does that count :D keep spreading the word with all ur buddies though, and we'll build up this thread quick.
Welcome to the site! :cheers:

We need to build our Chicago crew, so pass the word! :redmc:
Lowered4Life99 said:
Anyone in Chicago ?
I am! City North side(by the brown line on Kimball). Where you located?
Im from the south side. Around 103rd n Pulaski.
I am, but you knew that already. I'm out by Aurora.

sorry about the delayed response guys. i'm near chicago in michigan city, IN. we ride out that way quite a bit in the summer. usually out to doty road.
My farm is about 300 miles south of you at the other end of the state. I won't be back there until after April 1.
i'm gonna be at the bike show in roselawn late saturday afternoon. anyone else?
LOL @ Doty, man that place is ghetto as ****. Should come out to Archer or the city...
Western 'burbs. Carol Stream. :D
Been there once - got arrested, let me go, pissed on the Illinois state sign, flipped the state of Illinois off one last time and left.. So in short no I am not from or currently in Illinois.. I hope this message has been helpful to you.. Peace, out.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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