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Well I just bought an 88 Ninja ZX600R for $450. The guy said all it needs is the junction box, but it needs plenty of work besides that which is fine by me but I thought I'd check with some people that no doubt know more than me and my car mechanic.

A little background I have plenty of electronic experience so any wiring that needs to be done I can do it very well. I know some about engines, a lot about fuel mixture because I fly planes and they use variable mixtures. So here's everything that needs to be done and some stuff I'm not sure about.

(1) Biggest problem first it won't turn over. With the key in and turned kickstand down and clutch in the all that happens with the starter button engaged is the junction box clicks and nothing happens, my friend jumped the solenoid and not a sound. The guy said he replaced the starter and solenoid . Should I just replace the junction box and see if that fixes it or does something else cause that problem?

(2) Needs two intake filters, (and subsequently a new exhaust I think will help fix the problem), the previous owner said that having all 4 air filters on would choke out the engine from rejetting the carbs and he has the muffler completely gutted so I think if I get an actual muffler it will keep more air in the cylinder correct?

(3) Needs to be repainted BADLY. Also unfortunately the only thing paintable left on the bike is the tank, all the fairings(? right word for the plastic cosmetic parts?) are long gone so I might try and find them later down the road. Anybody have an idea on what color would look good? I was thinking white or purple.

Also I'm wanting this to just be a DIY bike, so I could really use all the help I can get and any that I get is really appreciated. Also if anyone wants to see pics of this monstrosity just let me know.
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