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Anyone play PC MC games?

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I love Motorcross Madness 2 I can play that for hours.
Anyone else ever get into this game or any other MC Street or dirtbike Pc game with on line play. I always just raced friends that had the game over the web. Another fun on line play with friends was viper racing. :dthumb:
I am not into roll playing games at all but off road and driving games are great.
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I hardly ever play games..but I use to play MotoRacer on the PC. I bought a PS1 back in the day, and it broke a year I bought another one and hardly ever touched it so I sold it to some arabian dude for $50 bucks with a few cheap games :lol: ..I kept the expensive good games. I want to buy the new Xbox when it comes out, but I'm affraid it will end up like the will just sit there and collect dust. I still have my old atari, nintendo, super nintendo, sega genesis, sega game gear...they just sit up in my parents attick and collect dust up there.
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