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Anyone play PC MC games?

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I love Motorcross Madness 2 I can play that for hours.
Anyone else ever get into this game or any other MC Street or dirtbike Pc game with on line play. I always just raced friends that had the game over the web. Another fun on line play with friends was viper racing. :dthumb:
I am not into roll playing games at all but off road and driving games are great.
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I dont play many games at all. We had a P/Station and only had like 6 game for it in the four years we had by the time we upgraded to the new PS2 it was already the new smaller one. and now We only have abou4or 5 games for that. I have never played an xbox, Just dont do it that much. I do however get into Moto madness on the PC.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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