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Anyone run race fuel in their bike?

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I know Gas Man will have a lot to say about this one. I have used it before a few times and didn't really see a big difference.

Does anyone use it on the strip or on the track on track days?? Or just on the street?
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I see a lot of Harley's getting 100 octane at $4.50/gal. at the BP station, but I buy the 91, which is high-test up here. I once put 87 or regular in my GS 1000, and it pinged going up every hill. The Phillips stations have 6 cents off high-test every Tues. and Fri.
2FURYUS said:
Are you guys getting 100 octane at a gas station? I don't know of anywhere in Southern Cali you can get over 91 octane.
My local sportbike site lists places in Colorado where you can get high octane You should have some in CA.
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